Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new hero?

About a year ago, an informed cousin advised me to read some books by an independent farmer, Joe Salatin, but unfortunately I did not follow up. While reading the latest issue of Mother Earth News though, I came across an eye opening interview with Salatin and realized that my cousin was right. I need to read some of this guy's books! I just ordered "Salad Bar Beef" (about raising grassfed beef) and "Everything I Want to Do is Illegal," about the bureacratic hurdles small farmers face in marketing food to consumers. I hope to post a book report here for those that don't have time to read these books, and perhaps I'll pick up some ideas for improving our farm operation.

Here's a short video of the guy. Someone once told me, that one definition of a extremist is "a person who is completely consistent in his views." I suspect this man is consistent in his views on farming.


johnranta said...

I first came across Salatin in "Omnivore's Dilemma", another interesting book on food production. What the heck are you doing reading "Mother Earth News"? JR

Elizabeth Stephens said...

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