Sunday, December 7, 2008

A discussion Forum just for Wagyu Cattle and Kobe Beef

Recently I've been pulling together all of the internet tools required to build a discussion forum dedicated to Wagyu Cattle and Kobe Beef.

One purpose of the forum is to give the community of Wagyu breeders a place to discuss all aspects of raising this unique breed. Common among Wagyu cattlemen seems to be a strong desire to "do the right thing" for consumers. For instance, I don't know of any small scale Wagyu operations using growth hormones in their animals. Because of this group's dedication to the quality of beef they are raising, I'm hopeful that discerning consumers will want to buy from them directly. So the forum is also there to foster a discussion among direct consumers who are looking for the best Kobe or Wagyu beef on the market. After all, many of us are in the Wagyu business because we enjoy having good food on our plates too!

There are a lot of things unfinished at the forum right now, but I've already put it on the web for folks to inspect. Whether you have a herd that numbers in the thousands, or if you simply want to try this beef someday, feel free to post there, and please give me feedback on how to improve the forum. (I still need to write a Wagyu FAQ... anyone want to contribute?!) The web address is

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Steve Redlich said...

Your Wagyu Forum seems be filled with SPAM posts